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VFB Foil Balloon Making Machine

This machine has the functions of heat-sealing forming, installing a gas nozzle, and automatic waste removal. It can realize the fully automatic production of aluminum balloons.

Weight 5000 kg
Dimensions 10000 × 1600 × 1750 cm




Material Support

PET&PE composition,PA&PE composition,nylon,aluminum foil film


Can be changed by change knife mold

Detail about VFB Foil Balloon Making Machine

Model VFB-700 VFB-1000 VFB-1200 VFB-1400
Max Width of Unwiding 700mm 1000mm 1200mm 1400mm
Max Length of Unwiding 1300mm 1300mm 1600mm 1600mm
Power Supply 380V 50HZ
Power 15KW 16KW 22KW 25KW
Capacity 15-45pcs/min 15-45pcs/min 15-45pcs/min 15-45pcs/min
Area of heating 700*1300mm 1200*1600mm 1200*1600mm 1200*1600mm
Material Support PET&PE composition,PA&PE composition,nylon,aluminum foil film

1.1 people operate 1 machine, saving labor costs.

2.This machine produces 4PCS balloons at the same time, such as LOVE every time

3.Automatic installation of air valves, 4 air valves can be installed at the same time.

4.It can produce aluminum foil balloons of 32 inches, 18 inches, 16 inches, etc., including five-pointed star, heart, circle, letter, and number balloons.

5.We also have a three-dimensional balloon machine


Contact person: Nancy
WhatsApp: +8615057601439

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