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VLF Pneumatic Vane oil filter

Filter element and bottom filter cloth filter mode, no oil in the filter chamber, oil filter more thoroughly!

Weight 5200 kg
Dimensions 4200 × 2100 × 1850 cm

100-200kg/h(single pump)
200-300kg/h(double pump)

Air pressure



Detail about VLF Pneumatic Vane oil filter

Pump number 1 2
Filter area 1.3m² 2.6m²
Capacity 100-200kg/h 200-300kg/h
Dimension 750*700*900mm 750*700*900mm
Weight 140kg 175kg
Air pressure 0.1-0.4mpa 0.1-0.4mpa


  1. Patented technology for quick opening design;

2. Adopting blade-type patented technology design, large filtering area, fast oil filtering speed, and dual oil outlets;

3. The crude oil does not need to be poured back, and it is automatically pumped to the oil filter barrel, which can realize the filtering while squeezing, and the operation is simple and quick;

4. Easy to clean the slag, no need to open the cover frequently to clean the slag and change cloth;

  1. The filtered oil will not foam or precipitate in the pan.


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